an organization established to help you transform your business by tapping into unseen opportunities while making an impact on society as you embark on your journey. We are XtenBIA

We transform your business by tapping into unseen opportunities

XtenBIA Solutions acts as a Consultancy Services Provider to Government and private sectors in offering policies, transforming to the next level by extending business ideas and assistance. We are a panel of experts in the corresponding fields, who descends from diverse profession .Having associations with market leaders around the world, we extend our area of expertise in Travel and Tourism, Renewable Energy Sector, Finance, Architectural, Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Diary and Industries.

Our Areas of Expertise : Travel and Tourism | Sustainable Energy | Finance | Architectural | Agriculture | Refurbishment and Fit-Out Project Management | Building & Project Consultancy | Industries 

Tourism is one among those sectors which demands promotional strategy and marketing tools which we put into practice for our clients. By recognizing tourism opportunities and taking into consideration the valuable views of our clients as well as local community, the economic, social and environmental benefits can be maximized. As a result our innovative tourism projects can attract large amount of local as well as foreign tourists. We also provide creative and intelligent proposals in such a way that people get inspired to visit the destination which contributes to the overall welfare of our clients as well the destination. Hence with our thoughtful research we help our clients to recognize their goals, make a path and grow. Travel and Tourism

Renewable energy is the fuel of the future. We see an immense opportunity to divert the spotlight from non-renewable to renewable, pollution free source of fuel which directly contributes to sustainable development. Hence we provide an end-to-end solution for all the renewable energy related projects including domestic, commercial and industrial and thus contributing to a cleaner sustainably efficient planet. Renewable Energy Sector

Economic and financial volatility has been a major setback in today's times. Under such situations the valuable advice from an expert source can do wonders. We provide a wide range of financial consultancy services that helps our clients to bravely move forward undaunted. Our experienced think tanks can provide a full spectrum advice regarding all the financial matters of our clients ranging from tax advisory to risk management which ultimately leads to organized economic management and stability of our client. Finance

We play a key role in advising our clients including individuals, schools, colleges, urban & rural estates, and government properties etc. on the architectural aspects of residential, educational, commercial and leisure properties. We provide architectural design service and project management support from the drawing sheets to the completion of the project. Hence we help our clients across a wide range of areas ranging from design using computer imaging to defect diagnosis and renovation in such a way that the project remains hassle free. Architectural

Agriculture is undoubtedly one among those rare trades which can be beneficial to both the entrepreneur and the environment. Hence we give more importance to a sustainable farming system by focusing on strategic food security and long term growth. Our team provides agronomy science based decisions and technological innovations for the well-being of our clients. We also ensure high quality farming and production operations, sufficiency of supply and protection of natural resources. Hence we cover almost every aspect of crop production, policy and regulations thus leading in sustainable agriculture, food, nutrition and environmental resources. Agriculture

Refurbishment and Fit-Out Project Management :
Refurbishment and fit-out project requires precise care and hence we provide professional and experienced team to tackle such a project. We put together many year's knowledge for individuals and developers for supporting their refurbishment project from initial to final stage with at most quality and professionalism.

Building & Project Consultancy:
We provide bespoke specialist services and all the technical aspects for the construction of a project starting from the acquisition of the property to its development and further to completion. Irrespective of the nature of the work, our aim is to come up with trust-worthy and proactive advice for planning, cost estimation, project management and all other technical parts.

By offering finest and most suitable products and services for the industry, all the specific request of our clients are acknowledged carefully thus providing with long term reliability for the outlay. We also look forward to ensure that all the unique needs are satisfied by creating bespoke projects and take care of all the requirements from design to execution. Hence we make sure that our client is successfully navigated through the complexity of today's business world.